Supercharge your network

Solve problems, share opportunities and make
meaningful connections faster with KURIO

What Is KURIO?

We’ve all heard the saying: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. In our view though, success requires a little bit of both.
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For this reason, we created KURIO – a community-based crowdsourcing platform – designed to help women mobilize their networks to solve problems, share opportunities and make meaningful connections faster.

KURIO will help you supercharge your community by boosting purpose-driven engagement and providing access to an extended network of people already vetted by women you know and trust.

How It Works

Create and share your KURIO

Looking for a job lead, a graphic designer or need a quick solution to a problem? Create a KURIO link with your question or request and share it with your immediate network via text, email or social media. 

Enjoy seamless communication

KURIO organizes all communications (regardless of source platform) in a single, easy to navigate channel.

Connect and discover

Gain knowledge, insights and access to opportunities while also strengthening and building your network. 

What We Love About KURIO

Need a response in 24 hours?

Indicate the urgency of your KURIO by setting a response timer. Your KURIO will be “live” for this period of time.

Engage safely

Interact with new people as they engage on your KURIO thread but only exchange contact information if you feel comfortable. Don’t worry, we will never share your information without your permission.

Archive your KURIOs

Save information you’ve gathered by archiving your KURIOs. You can refer back to them in the future or share Archived KURIOs with Friends.

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